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Shalimar Park, Islamabad

Shalimar Park, Islamabad

Jan 26, 2024

Alishaz 3DM

As most of our readers know, Forthlighting is a solar LED lights company based in Pakistan. We have been serving different clients in different cities across the country with our products. At Forthlighting, we provide tech-savvy solar products for both indoor and outdoor use. Our solar LED lights are not only manufactured with high-quality components. but they are also cost-effective.

Forthlighting has completed multiple projects to lead our country towards sustainable energy. And the effectiveness of solar LED lights is undeniable in this cause. Today, we proudly introduce our faithful readers to one of our pride projects.

Facilitating Clients with Our Services

Recently, our team of expert engineers and manufacturers had an opportunity to work in Islamabad. We visited Shalimar Park where we thoroughly inspected the site and took precise measurements of the location. After analyzing all the requirements, our experts provided thorough feedback and relevant consultation to the client.

Once all necessary details are discussed and we have reached on the same page with the client, Forthlighting got started with our work. We started with the installation of our premium quality solar LED lights across Shalimar Park.

Installation of Solar Street Lights

Since it is an outdoor area for public recreation, our team installed solar street lights across the park. The solar LED lights placed are FL- 32 – 120W Abs Solar Light and FL- 26- 40W Abs Solar Light, part of our advanced and enduring Econo Series.

Now we gladly say that Shalimar Park, Islamabad is utilizing sustainable and everlasting means of electricity, keeping the grounds and pathways of the recreational area lit and safe for visitors.